Race to 7 Million !!

Posted on: 29 May 2019

Race to 7 Million !!

The HIgh Kings are one of Ireland's most active bands on streaming platforms with high following and listenership and the numbers are growing on their most popular track 'The Rocky Road to Dublin'.

There is a bit of a race on as 'The Irish Pub Song' is also coming close to the 7 million mark on Spotify but it does look as if Rocky Road will get there first, its currently sitting on 6,963, 431 (May 29th). By our estimates the 7 million mark should be hit sometime in June, probably the first half of the month. Keep an eye on our Spotify profile and give the track a few listens if you can ! Also don't forget you can  follow The High Kings on Spotify, simply click on the link below.



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